Let's look at examples of how fuel price protection works

Different options for subscriptions, fuelling, calculation and compensation when fuel prices rise

Marie lives in the suburbs of Avignon, has a Citroën Picasso, works in the city and drives about 100km 3-4 times a week from home to work and back. Total per month is about 1600km. At an average consumption of about 8 liters of gasoline per 100 km this is about 130 liters of petrol per month.

Marie filled up her beloved Citroën at her favorite Total Energies gasoline station at 20 Av. Pierre Semard, 84000 Avignon, France on 29 September, with 60 liters of E10 gasoline at a price of €1.8, worth €108.
Marie took out her Stabill.tech subscription with her bank card on 22 September, for 120 liters of petrol from a 25% price increase and paying €11.22.
On the day she paid for her subscription, 22 September, the price for E10 at that petrol station was €1.5. When Marie purchased fuel on 29 September the price of petrol at that filling station increased by 0.3 per liter, or by 20%.
As a reminder, the compensation is activated when the price of petrol rises by 10 % or more. In this case the buyer has to pay the whole price increase up to the chosen level, in the case of Marie up to 25%. Therefore, Mari receives a refund of 20% of the fuel surcharge or €18.
The second time Marie filled up at the same place and at the same price, she ended up with a refund of €36.
Klaus is the driver and owner of a Mercedes Atego with a payload of 7 tons. He lives in Cologne and works as a subcontractor in an online shop for delivering goods to customers and buyers. He normally spends around 900 liters of diesel per month, depending on how hard he works. Klaus refuels at various petrol stations as and when he needs to and where he can deliver goods.
Klaus usually takes a subscription for 300 liters with a 20% price increase protection and adds more protection as fuel is consumed. He subscribed on September 5th for 300 liters and paid 21.12. He filled up his tank 2 times with 150 liters each.
1 time on 9 September at the gas station ARAL at 12-14 Str. Riehler, 50668, Koln, Germany at a price of 2.25 euros per liter of diesel. The price at the station on September 5 was €2.02.
2 times at the Shell petrol station at 415 Str. Durener, 50858, Koln, Germany on 15 September at a price of €2.48 per liter. The price on September 5 at this gas station was €1.95. During this period there was a big jump in fuel prices.

Klaus was compensated for both the first and the second filling station, as the price increased by more than 10% in both cases. For the first one, €34.5, at €0.23 per liter for an increase of 11.38%. For the second one, €58.5 at €0.39 per liter, although the price increase was 27.18%, but the compensation was paid within the selected 20% increase. The total compensation was €93.

Without Stabill

Her cost is: €36

With Stabill

Her cost is: €11.22

It means Her benefit is €25.78!

Without Stabill

His cost is: €114

With Stabill

His cost is: €21.12+€21

It means His benefit is €71.88!